Blitz Robotics Foundation

Inspiring & Empowering Students in STEM through the exciting and innovative world of Robotics.

About the Team

Team Members

Supporting Blitz Robotics helps promote diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. By providing opportunities to students in mountain areas, we can ensure that a more diverse range of voices and perspectives are represented in STEM and robotics communities. We love building robots and having fun! The team work, engineering, planning and time management skills we learn are an excellent bonus! Join us! 


Mentoring gives you the chance to make a positive impact on the student’s lives. By offering guidance and support, you can help the team overcome challenges, set and achieve goals, and realize their potential. While the robots are designed and built by students, guidance is provided by adult mentors.

We are always on the lookout for additional mentors. While engineering expertise is helpful, we also need non-engineering mentors  that can contribute in non-technical ways such as marketing, organizing, fundraising, and team building. By being a mentor, you set an example for others and inspire them to consider mentoring as well. You become a role model for the value of helping and supporting others.

Student Leadership

Blitz Robotics supports student led teams. Our students brainstorm, design, build, test and compete with the robots. Our student-led robotics program provides a holistic and dynamic environment for developing vital life skills. Beyond the technical knowledge they gain, students emerge from these experiences as well-rounded individuals ready to tackle the challenges of an ever-evolving world with confidence, adaptability, and resilience. Student leadership is critical to the overall success of the team. From planning meetings and recruiting to fundraising and safety training, these student are the driving force behind their accomplishments!


Your support encourages a passion for learning and innovation among young learners. It can be the spark that ignites their interest in science and technology, inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM fields and contribute to advancements in these areas.